Chances are, if you’ve ordered lobster in a fine dining NYC restaurant in the past five years, you’ve been served a Homarus lobster. We are happy to now offer in-home deliveries as well, so you can impress, challenge, or feed your friends and loved ones. Because let's face it, nothing says “I like you” quite like serving fresh Maine lobster. Shipped to your door within 24 hours.

Select Your Lobster

Chicks (1 lb) Use for appetizers, ceviche, and lobster cocktail.
Quarters (1.25 lbs) Perfect for salads, pastas, and lobster rolls.
Halves (1.5 lbs) Great for surf and turf, lobster tails, and small entrees.
Pound & 3/4 (1.75 lbs) Enjoy as your main course – steamed with drawn butter.
Deuces (2.0 lbs) Great for hungry friends and family – a Homarus favorite.
Gift Cards A perfect gift for lobster enthusiasts.