To bring our customers the finest lobster, we take the road less traveled. It's wet. Incredibly rocky. And on the bottom of the ocean. But it's where the tastiest lobsters hide out. We work hard to get the best of the best. We think it's worth it — and so do our customers.

  • Where does your lobster come from?

    We source most of our lobster more than 20 miles off the coast of Maine. Our trusty offshore boats head out to 500-foot deep water, where we find hard-shelled, hearty lobster on rough, rocky ocean floors. They're tough little bastards, and hard to get — which is partly what makes them so tasty.

  • OK, so what makes them so delicious?

    The rocky floor that our lobsters call home is great for their health, which means great taste for us. These rock-dwelling lobsters mostly live alone in small nooks, which keep them hidden — so they can live in peace and catch food more easily. Chilled-out and well-fed lobsters fill out their shells nicely as they grow, which hardens their outsides even more, resulting in nature's recipe for the perfect lobster.

  • How do you keep them so fresh on their way to your customers?

    Our process is lean, mean, and involves our team every step of the way — from sea to NYC. It gets our product to customers in less than 24 hours, so it tastes just as good on the plate as it would right on the boat. Without all that seaweed and salt water, of course.

  • What does Homarus mean, anyway?

    It's a genus of lobster, to which our product, the mighty American lobster, belongs. That's Homarus americanus to you, Latin speakers. We thought it would be the perfect name to represent the quality of our lobster.

  • About that logo…why the blue lobster?

    Finding a blue lobster in your catch is like hitting the lobster lottery. About one in two million lobsters are blue, a genetic anomaly that comes from having too much of a particular protein. In other words, too much awesome.

  • Got a favorite recipe to share?

    We LIVE lobster…but if we had to pick just one, we'd go with Lobster Fra Diavolo, or "Brother Devil's Lobster." Spicy, and so tasty it's almost evil. In our humble opinion, the ultimate pasta dish for lobster lovers.