Lobster Pound & 3/4 (1.75 lbs)

$ 58


Each lobster will weigh approximately 1.75 – 1.9 lbs

Steam, crack, and eat. The 1.75 pounder is the top choice by some of the best chefs in the industry. The older brother of the 1.5 pounder, this lobster can be shared by two people as a delicious appetizer or a hearty entrée. For the person with their own bib and cracker.

Enjoy the old fashioned way as your main course – steamed and drawn butter.


Homarus lobsters are shipped overnight by FedEx with all the necessary protections to ensure they arrive healthy and delicious. If for some reason any of our product does not arrive in the right condition, let us know immediately and we will reship to you free of charge. Along with your lobsters, we will include cooking instructions and two fantastic recipes in the shipping box.  

To ensure next day delivery, orders need to be in by 10am. All orders placed after this cut off will be shipped the following day. Lobsters are packed the morning of the shipping date just prior to pickup. This minimizes the amount of time the lobsters are out of water.